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Komodo National Park tours

The only way to get to the island of Komodo is by sailing. There are sailing options such as one day komodo tour by fast boat 2 days/ 1 night komodo live aboard tour 3 days / 2 nights komodo live aboard tour 4days / 3 night komodo live aboard tour 2 days / 1 night komodo camping tour

Adventure tour in Flores island

Adventure tour combine with culture and traditions. we provides such tours below 4 days / 3 night Flores island tour 5 days /4 night Flores island tour 6 days / 5 nights Flores island tour 7 days / 6 nights Flores island tour

Explore komodo and flores island

Komodo National Park and Flores island tour is designed to the Nature and culture lovers. Here we provided the tours based on your preference

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You can get several selected packages with different destinations according to your choice, of course we are ready to help you on your travels